How to Get a Student Loan Forgiven

How to Get a Student Loan Forgiven

The Federal government and other government agencies offer forgiveness programs of student loans to both private and government student loans. Student loans are usually extremely challenging to get discharge, even after successfully declaring personal bankruptcy. Student loan forgiveness programs usually involve working for the government or military in some capacity, for a period of time. Others offer loan forgiveness in exchange for practicing medicine or medical research for an agency sanctioned by the state. The government generally limits the amount of money forgiven, and also gives access to postponements of additional loan payment while working on a sanctioned program.



1 Research your eligibility for various forgiveness of student loans programs. Aside from military service, most programs require you to have at least a bachelor's degree. Student loan forgiveness programs involving medical practice may require that you have certification as a physical therapist, nurse, therapist, social worker or doctor. Check out the resources section below for general guidelines on how to find student loan forgiveness programs you may be eligible for.
2 Contact any universities that have watched for information on possible loan forgiveness programs. Many universities offer scholarships, scholarships and other financial aid to indebted students. University administrations also often help students and alumni in obtaining placement in various loan forgiveness programs. Many research programs run by universities also offer debt relief as an additional incentive.
3 Apply for any forgiveness of student loan programs you may be eligible for. Working for the Department of Education as a teacher, for example, can provide eligibility for loan forgiveness in a substantial percentage scale for each year you participate in the program.Different school districts provide different percentages forgiveness of the loan. The National Guard offers up to $ 10,000 for volunteers through its loan repayment program.
4 Attend any program you decide, taking care to follow each requirement. You also have to inform your lender (if private) on your enrollment in the program. Contact customer service using the information in its regular statements.

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