High School scholarships for Juniors

High School scholarships for Juniors

You do not have to be a college student or senior school to pursue a higher education scholarship. While it is true that many college awards are reserved for those graduating from high school or already pursuing a degree, various scholarship programs accept applications from 11th grade. Some awards are for creativity when it comes to dance attendance, while others require reading a book and write a thoughtful essay. Stuck at the ball

Juniors who attend one prom, as part of its own class or as a companion to another person, are eligible to compete for the trapped in Prom scholarship. Any high school student plans to attend college that is at least 14 years of age are eligible. The couple must enter the competition together and use accessories or whole outfit made of duct tape.
If the couple wins, each person receives a $ 3,000 scholarship. The school that hosted the prom also receives $ 3,000. Second scholarships of $ 2,000 per person are offered and third scholarships are $ 1,000 each.Photos of the tape scholarship winners - duct and all-will be published in Duck company's website. Duck is a tape mark. 

The Ayn Rand Institute
The Ayn Rand Institute offers several scholarships, including one for which high school juniors are eligible.Juniors and seniors can get in "The Fountainhead" essay contest, which is based on the book of Rand. A total of 236 awards and scholarships are offered to those who do well in the competition. The essay should be written in response to the three questions provided. Each submission is judged in terms of style and content, and runs through an anti-plagiarism software. The judges do not know the identity of the new operators in the decision-making process.
The first place purse is $ 10,000 and five second prizes of $ 2,000 each are offered. Ten third place winners will win $ 1,000 scholarships, while 45 finalists will receive $ 100 each. The $ 50 price is offered to 175 semi-finalists of "The Fountainhead" essay contest. 
National Beef Ambassador Program
National Beef Ambassador Program is a panel of selected speakers, some of whom are high school juniors.Those aged 16-19 are eligible to enter and can receive awards in general money and scholarships. Selected young people are trained to become spokespersons for the cattle industry.
Cash prizes offered range from $ 800 to $ 2,500. Scholarships available, which are sponsored by the National Foundation American Cattlewomen, is $ 500, $ 750 and $ 1,000. 

US Bowling Congress
US Bowling Congress offers a number of scholarships for amateur players to prove dedication and competence in the sport. High school juniors and seniors can apply for the annual scholarship USBC Zeb, which is a prize of $ 1,000. Any player in grades 9-12 can also search the USBC gift for Life Scholarship.Twelve $ 1,000 awards are given to those who demonstrate the realization of bowling and financial need.However, two of these bags are designed to fire children, officers or employees of the rescue squad.

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