How to Find Grants Grad School

How to Find Grants Grad School

Pursing a doctorate or master can be financially draining, especially if you are still paying the loans from their undergraduate degree. Search a variety of ways to get all the money you will need to pay the tuition. Apply for scholarships and grants as well as loans. Your school may also offer programs to study options and work. Post-graduate scholarships can often be obtained from the school, as well as the federal government and professional organizations.Instructions 

Call your school's financial aid office. The school can offer grant programs or scholarships. If not, ask your financial aid counselor for advice on where to seek further help. 

Check with the US Department of Education. It offers scholarships for undergraduate and graduate. For example, the Federal Pell Grant is awarded based on financial need. Other donations are more specific, such as the TEACH grant, which is awarded to students who wish to become teachers. This award requires students to teach low-income students for four years after graduation. 

Look for professional organizations in your field of study. Many organizations offer scholarships to students who meet certain qualifications. For example, if you are studying microbiology, seek help at the American Society for Microbiology. Ask the financial aid office of your school or career office to help find professional organizations in your field. 

Check with all the associations you belong to, as fraternities or sororities or national honor societies. 

Ask your employer if your company offers a teaching program - reimbursement. Some companies encourage employees to continue their education by offering them free money. Often in return for this help, the company may require the employee to commit to working for the company for a certain period of time.

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